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About Denise


I am on my way to living my dreams, are you? I am a wife and a mother of 5 (with there being 3 under 2).  I started my business a few years ago because all I wanted to get away from existing and start living my dreams. At first I didn’t know how but with the proper investments, a good plan, implementation, and a whole lot of patience, I was able to learn a lot, persevere through the business blues, and most importantly; help a lot of people in the process.

Along the way, I have learned that it’s true when they say that there are a lot of people who give up right when their breakthrough is about to occur and it pains me to see that happen.

I am on a mission to help other women build their businesses and live their dreams. I’m so excited and honored to help so many people who come in contact with me that are looking for a breakthrough in their business and lifestyle so that they too can live their dreams!

If you are looking for a place where you can get valuable information, be a part of a growing community who understands exactly what you are going through, and where you can learn A LOT, join the Momapreneur’s Posse by clicking here. 




Do you do speaking engagements?

Yes. I absolutely love to speak to the masses and help them have a transformative paradigm shift so that they too can crack the code of the things that are holding them back from reaching their goals and dreams.

Do you only work with women who have families?

No, I have worked with single women, men, as well as different companies.

Do you work with people out of the USA?

Yes, I am honored to be able to work with people from all over the world!!!

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