Your Preferential View

When we are passionate about something, working towards something, and believing in something it is easy to see a lot of the pain, fear, and disappointments that comes with it. It is easy to give in and give up because of what we are currently seeing. It seems like when you weren’t trying to work towards your dreams, there was minimal obstacles, but as soon as you decided to work towards something that was bigger and greater than what you were currently doing, that is when all HE double L broke out.


The question is, is that your preferred vision?


Do you want to see and feel the fear, or maybe you enjoy dinning with pain and disappointment. Maybe you desire to fail and feel like you can’t achieve what you have set out to do. It is inevitable for some of these things to occur, but do you really have to set your vision on it. Do you really have to look at the things that will stop you, destroy your belief, and omit your dreams?


NO, of course we don’t want to worry and think about the negative.


The real deal is that we can’t just ignore the fact that chaos is starring us in our faces. We can’t just forget about the disappointment and the rejections and magically think that they will go away and we will enter into the land of cotton candy and lolly pops. The pain is going to come, the let downs are going to eventually come, it will never be just smooth sailings ALL THE TIME.


So then what exactly is our choices?


You can decide to look at the things that are going to uplift you, encourage you, and that will ultimately lead you directly to your dreams and aspirations.


You can face your troubles head on and accept that whatever is happening and currently going on in the present WILL NOT dictate or define your end game. Instead of being helpless and allowing life to just happen to you, you can choose to find ways to overcome the obstacles that face you and continue to focus, meditate, and work towards your target goals and dreams.


The answer is to not forget about the issues, but also not to concentrate on them either. Find ways to fix and overcome them and continue to focus on what it is you want to see happen in your life.


You have got to decide to concentrate MORE on what you want to see instead of what you are currently seeing.



Your preferential view is your preference. It is what you choose to set and keep your eyes on. It is what you choose to think about and believe. It is also what is going to dictate what your end game is going to be.


So what have you preferred to view?


You might ask, how do you keep your mind on the positive when you are going through such chaos, turmoil, and dismay.


I too have been in the situation where the problem looked bigger than the solution. Or the outcome looked doomed by the struggle. Or even that failure and disappointment felt inevitable and final.


When these things happen, many people give in and give up. They don’t see a triumphant end but only a tragic and painful demise.


In these exact times and moments, it is not easy to look at your desired outcome and believe in that more than you believe in what is starring you right in the face or what is tangible. It is extremely hard but not impossible to see yourself in a better situation than what you currently in.


The question of the day is HOW?


Utilizing these three things was able to help me and many others overcome the negative and walk into the positive.


  1. You have got to challenge yourself to focus on your desired outcome despite of what the moment looks like– Everyone has felt pain, disappointment, failure, and fear before. And in that exact moment, it was a terrifying feeling. It is easy to not see the light on at the end of the tunnel. It is also easy to succumb to those feelings and accept them as your truths. The thing is that nothing worth having is easy. That is where the fighter has to come in! You have got to fight to focus on the outcome that you want to see. You have got to fight for your ability to control your thoughts which will then ultimately control your life.
  2. It’s going to take perseverance– If you look back over your life, you can and will find many instances where you were able to overcome the challenges that you were faced with. In the moment of the challenge, it might not have felt like you could overcome it, it definitely didn’t look like you could overcome it, but somehow your will to survive and overcome stepped in and took over and that is when you found yourself to be an overcomer.
  3. You have to be aware of what you accept and what you reject– Your mind is the most powerful part of your body. It controls your body parts. It controls your driving force. It controls YOU! So what are you allowing to enter into your mind. When you accept defeat as a possibility, you are telling your mind to prepare for it because it is coming. When you accept fear to overtake your abilities, then you are telling your mind don’t bother to take me to my dreams because my fears are bigger than my desires. You have got to reject the possibilities of failure and only accept the possibilities of victory.


Again, let me tell you that it is not going to be easy. Matter-a-fact, let me paint an even better picture and tell you that it is going to be extremely hard. There are more people that have given up on their dreams than that have reached them. There are more people who have let fear dictate the direction of their lives than those who have overcame fear just to see themselves living in the bliss of their dreams. There are more people to succumb to what life has given them than that are willing to believe and accept what they could make of their lives.


You don’t have to be a part of the people who have had their dreams snatched from their grip. You can be the one inspiring not only yourself but others to persevere through it all and let them know that eventually you will see what you had been believing and working towards. But before you succeed, before you overcome all odds, and before you walk into your victory, ask yourself today what is in your preferential view?


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