Why is Overcoming So Hard?!

Sssshhhhh, we don’t talk about things like that here. Wipe your eyes, fix your face, and keep it pushin!

Does that sound familiar?

Back in the day, that was many people’s truth. It was the reality that people had to live through and overcome. Having things swept underneath the rug and not talked about only led to one thing, brokenness.



Brokenness is already a deep hole and when there is no intentional healing from it, it creates a vortex sucking the life out of you and everything that you try to create.

We are creators by nature…..we create thoughts, we create memories, we create food, clothing, culture, and other human beings but when it comes to hurt, pain, guilt, and shame, we are told that we can’t create healing.

They tell you to wash your face, forget that it ever happened, fake it until you make it……but they never say it’s ok to be vulnerable enough to HEAL!!!

The one thing that we should always be creating is progress. We should always be moving forward. Not healing from past events, and present afflictions mean NO PROGRESSION.

What you can do for yourself, family, and generations to come is to allow yourself to heal. Speak up, speak out, find people that you can trust and confide in and don’t be afraid to be human enough to heal.


Joy, love, peace, and prosperity can and should be yours only if are willing to lean in and put in the effort. If you are ready to do that, schedule your FREE consultation @ bit.ly/maketherightmove.

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