Why Excellence Doesn’t Come Without A Price

Everyone proclaims that they want to be excellent. They want to feel and live a successful life. They want to have money and the power, happiness and respect and if this is you, are you willing to pay the cost? Surely going into to it you may think that is an amazing life full of nothing but brighter days, cocktails, and lavished trips around the world. But lets take a deeper look into what it really takes, what is really necessary in order to be and live an excellent life.

First and foremost when you define excellence, there is nothing in that definition that says that you are exempt from ridicule, pain, blunders, or misfortunes. It just means that you rise up above and beyond the opposition and adversity. You are able to feel the fear and pressure and keep a stead hand. You are able to go through the fire without a stench of smoke on you, and most importantly; you are able to teach others how to do the same.

But the question that you might want to ask is how?

Here is the thing that you need to understand, LIFE HAPPENS……. Despite where you are in life how rich, how poor, how in-between, how successful, how well traveled or under traveled, or even prepared, life will happen to you unexpected and unwarranted. What will be the difference between excellence and below being excellent is your reaction. If you have a good attitude, you might be telling yourself that you have a good attitude, you are kind, you are generous, and you desire to have good things happen for others but that doesn’t make you excellent, it makes you humane.

What really makes you excellent are these things.

  • Your willingness to take action. You can talk, dream, and wish all you want but if you don’t take action, a new house, a dream life, and a million dollars are not going to fall in your lap. What you decide to do and don’t do defines what is going to eventually come to past.
  • Patience is always required. Think of every action you take as a crop that you are trying to harvest. First you decide to plant the crop, then you put it in good soil. Once it is in the ground you water it, you fertilize it with natural remedies, and you allow the sun light to shine bright on it. Over time, your crop will render you a good harvest.
  • Embrace the process. Everything along with everyone has a process that they must go through. It doesn’t matter how much or many tricks and short cuts you may have, going through a process is always required. The process is the only thing that will prepare you and grow you for the future that you will have to become. In this stage many people want to resist it, but resistance only make the process a longer one or you may become and read your full potential.
  • Utilize all of your resources. Think of your resources as supplies that you are going to need during battle. Your resources are going to bring you help. Bandages, food, water, antibiotics, artillery, and anything else you will need during your time at war. If you do not utilize all of your resources, you will be left losing the battle that you are facing.
  • Nothing is by coincidence. If you feel like what is going on in your current situation has nothing to do with what you are becoming, then you have not yet accepted your future. There is no one on this Earth that has had the same experiences, background, parents, memories, and adversity that you have had. You are unique that way and that is why you have to keep your eyes open for things that just look coincidental. They are the things that give you direction, understanding, and relevancy. They are the things that bring you closer to your destiny.
  • Never think or aim to small. Your future will always be bigger and brighter than what you desired if you work towards it. That being said; you will never really reach your full potential unless you believe for bigger and better things. Don’t be afraid to dream and go after your dreams relentlessly. Whatever you think of you can work to become, but if you are afraid of even thinking of it, you definitely will never become it.
  • Never despise your small begins or you will never appreciate your huge wins. Your small beginnings mold you and strengthens your good character. It also gives you empathy and sympathy for others. Your small beginnings is a tool and resource for you to utilize to help you along the way to your success. Your small begins are unique in many ways and they will also inspire others who are on similar journeys as your own.
  • Always know that you won’t become excellent alone. There will never be anything self made about you. Someone gave you an opportunity or a chance. Your customers bought from you, someone helped you, your fans cheered for you, and someone believed in you when you possibly didn’t even believe in yourself. That is not a self made story that is a story of a person who was so fortunate to have support, so fortunate to not walk alone. There is no company, no I in team, and there is no me in a relationship. It is only we, us, and ours.
  • You are never ready, you can only rise up to the challenge when it comes. Don’t feel like you’re alone, there are many people who are in the same boat as you. They don’t feel ready, prepared, or even enough to do what they have been called to do. That doesn’t mean that they can’t do it. A person will and could never know what they are capable of unless they rise up to the challenge.

There is definitely a story about excellence that very few are telling. Amongst the many people that want to be excellent, it is not that they can’t it is that they need to understand and accept what it takes and what they will need to go through to be excellent. Once that is done, there is no limit.



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