Unlocking The Building Blocks Of A Successful Business

It has become unfortunately obvious that when many go into business, even though they may have an AMAZING idea, they don’t have the right building blocks to help them really become successful in their business. One of the things that so many love to talk about is having the right mindset.


Yes, the right mindset is one of the most crucial factors in having and running a successful business and I would go so far to say that it is actually the foundation of your business. But you definitely need to know and have a lot more than that.


I should know because I was one of those business owners that went into business with an amazing idea (in theory) and struggled significantly to the point where I almost threw in the towel and I was left financially devastated. I spent SO MUCH money on things that I really didn’t need to invest in at that particular stage in my business and after all of the money that I spent ( in tune of $140k in total and $80k of that was on coaching programs, courses, and products) I had not yet landed where I wanted and needed to be.


I desperately wanted to get my message out there and help as many people as I could reach but I was stagnant. I was running but I wasn’t going anywhere all because I didn’t have the core things that would lay down a healthy and sturdy foundation as well as create the building blocks for me to really make an impact in my business and in the world. Now I am a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, I am in the mist of getting in some other large well known publications, I’m a consultant,  I’m a published author who will be collaborating in another book soon, I speak at different conferences, and I’m getting ready to kick off my first annual virtual live event.


Well today, because I want so much for you to succeed, I have decided to do you a favor. I decided to help you by giving you some of the must have foundational building blocks for your business. I must warn you. I am going to be brutally honest in this article so if you are not ready or don’t want the truth about how to really become successful in your business than LEAVE NOW!


Ok, let’s get started……….


  1. The first thing that you are going to have to do is develop the right mindset. As cliche as this may sound, it is absolutely necessary for you to do this. The mindset that you are going to need to have needs to be a mindset ready to go up against and persevere through some hard core challenges that you probably have never faced. You also need to create a ready to serve mentality so that you can serve your audience, customers, and clients what they want and need and not just be looking out for what you need.
  2. This step is very important right up there with mindset.  You are going to have to establish yourself as the expert. How you can do this is give out FREE helpful information. Don’t be afraid to give away free content of how you can help your target market. They have a need to know that you can truly help them. Having social proof is a way where they can check you out and make sure that you know what you are talking about. Write articles, do videos, get interviewed, and get into some large publications to position yourself as the expert.
  3. Build your audience. You will not have anyone to give free content to or sell to if you have not built your email list 1st and also your social media! There are several ways to build your list. Put an opt-in page on your website, do a give away, participate in an event where you can collect people’s emails, give them free content like an e-book or a how to, a webinar, workshop, or even a free 15 min 1 on 1 session in exchange for their email address. Building your list as well as following is crucial and this was the main reason why so many business owners including myself was failing,  failed, or are still failing at business today. NEVER be afraid to give out free content just learn the difference of what you should give away for free and what you should make your ideal customers pay for.
  4. Next your going to have to really evaluate what your potential client want and what your message and delivery will be in order to provide it for them. Your potential clients have a need that you have to meet and you need to find out what that exact need is and how you can help them out in meeting that need. Find out what compels them and give them just that and more!
  5.  Create a strategic plan to give them what they want and need. Whatever you do, don’t be salesy. People get sold to everyday ALL day. The last thing that they want to do is sign up to be sold to again. I want to be clear when I tell you that I am not telling you not to sell to them, I’m merely telling you that in order to truly keep your customers attention and not lose them is to create a plan that will nurture, help, and give your ideal customer results. Then you will have the right to sell to them because you have already helped them. This is not a sprint, this is a marathon and in this part of creating that successful business you want, you are going to have to be patient!
  6. When you have spent the time and invested in truly helping your audience, then and only then, don’t be afraid to ask for their money in exchange for you solving their problems! Your ideal customer wants to be helped but sometimes they don’t know where to go, what they need, and how to ask for that help. If you don’t have a strong call to action or if they don’t know what you have available to buy that will help them, you are missing HUGE opportunities to make money in your business.
  7. Finally, create a way for you to have repeat customers. The only way someone is going to want to do more business with you is because you were good at what you delivered. A person doesn’t do business with someone that they don’t know, like and trust. If you have already made it to that point you have won the war now getting them to do business with you again is going to be much easier. Give them something that is an additional building block of what they have already learned or something that compliments what they have purchased from you in the past. They will automatically see the value in the thing that you are offering and want to do business with you again.


Now that you have the foundational information about the building blocks you need to succeed in your business, look out for my upcoming article on “How to Scale Your Business”. Do you have a goal to make more money than you made the year before? Or do you want to grow your business? This upcoming article will help you with that.


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