The Silent Killer Called Fear

Many times in life, fear grabs a hold of us like nothing else in our lives. It dresses itself up like it is of great importance and is effective in distracting us, suffocating us, and sometimes eventually devours us with its untruths softly whispering in our ears. Fear keeps us from moving forward to uncharted lands. Fear creates boundaries and limitations that manifests the altitude of how far we will travel. On many different occasions, fear embarks on a new journey in our lives planting seeds everywhere it can remain and anywhere we willing accept its invitation.

Fear is not a respecter of person. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your title is, where you been, or where you are going. All that matters is that you accept the seed that is planted and allow it to grow. Just like a huge acorn tree was once a small acorn seed, so was fear a small after thought that grew and developed into a full blown pre-deceived notion of what could be. Yes, what could be. That’s right! Fear only exists in the unknown. Even in similar circumstances like being in a situation like being bit by a dog. Once you have been bitten by a dog, you have inherited a memory. If you see a dog again, you revert your memories and understanding back to being bitten by the prior dog without even knowing what to expect from the present dog. You have never experienced this particular dog, but because of a previous memory, you are now subject to the implantation of fear.

Even if the situation is something that you never personally experienced, fear can grow and in our minds make sense of why we should have those feelings. Matter-a-fact, we actually think that we have just cause to act or react in the way that fear makes us because it is what we may consider the normal methodical thought process when in all actuality, fear goes against our very nature.

We were not born to fear. Therefore, we can control it. Take a baby for instance, it is not born being afraid of anything. The only thing that he wants is to eat and be loved. If a vicious dog came up to him, his first instinct will not be fear. Fear is learned, adopted, implanted, and engraved. Fear is not something that can act on it’s own. It needs a willing host to partake in the manifestation that it was meant for. In this world many things seem to compound together with fear. When we turn on the TV, many times it plays off of our fears. When we are going to a foreign place, fear is hiding in the background ready to limit the amount of good experiences we could have. When we want to start something new, fear is lurking ready to create doubt in our minds.

To openly understand fear is to know where it was derived from. It is also to know what our natural habitat is. II Timothy 1:7; We were not given a spirit of fear but of power, love, and self-control. We only have fear when we are growing, experiencing something new or unknown, and have been conditioned to think a certain way. If you are in fear of something, that means that you are not in your natural habitat. You are not in your normal occurrence. You have been coerced into believing a false existence and manipulated into comprehending a false doctrine over your life.


I know that in the beginning it is going to be uncomfortable to get rid of these familiar feelings of fear. The good thing is that it is not impossible. You can start to live a life that is not limited and devoured by fear. If you want to learn more about fear, make sure you catch my next blog. It will be based upon fearing that you are not enough.


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