Identifying And Knowing Your Biggest Cheerleader

It is a fact that whenever you are doing anything big in life, an excellent support system is vital. We want to believe that we can do whatever we set out to do without our fans, our supporters, and our cheerleaders.


But who are we trying to fool?



We all have different reasons in why we do the things that we do. They might actually be really similar. We all have motives, passions, and an innate need to accomplish the things that we set out to do. We also have a inner desire for acceptance.



Even the most controversial talked about topics and people are in desperate need of people to agree and unity with the particular cause or idea that they have. That is why it is important to identify and know your biggest cheerleaders.



It doesn’t matter if you are a parent, an employee, a business owner, a role model of some sort, maybe a leader, or a volunteer, or just a person that is consistently kind to others; you are in need of cheerleaders.  If you are doing anything that is of service to someone else, doesn’t it feel good to get a pat on the back once in a while? Or a well done on different occasion. You may even prefer a standing ovation for some of your accomplishments. Whatever you are doing, doesn’t it feels good to be acknowledge for what you have done? Your cheerleaders think the same.



First off let’s clear the air on the big who!


Your most BIGGEST supporter has always got to be YOU. It can not be your family, friends, or even perfect strangers. It has to be YOU! There are going to be some times when you feel like you have no supporters, you think that your cheerleaders took a leave of absence, and your fans decided to drop you like a hot potato. The thing is that if you only rely on your outer support system, it will become a really dark and lonely time for you. By making sure to identify and know that you are your biggest supporter, fan, and cheerleader, you will be able to persevere, be encouraged, and not be in such a vulnerable state.


The confidence and belief that you have in yourself will shine and attract others to be attracted to you and want to be a cheerleader for you.

You also have to know that your biggest cheerleaders are not always who you expect them to be. Matter-a-fact, I will go as far as saying most of the time they are not who we expect them to be. They are people who may be on the other side of the global and we have little in common with but the one thing that you do share with them is your common interest in what you have set out to accomplish. Your passions and dreams are alive in just more than yourself, but they are alive in others as well. Those others may not have had the desire, tools, or resources to go as far as you have with your passion, but they can connect and relate to what you’re doing and ultimately become one of your biggest cheerleaders.


One of the problems that many of us face is our inability to be open minded. We tend to have tunnel vision and can not see past whats directly in front of us. We want cheerleaders but we want them to be who we think they should be. We look for family and friends to support us and for a lot of us, that becomes a complete fail. That fail is not just a disappointment but it is a rejection that if we let it, can effect our confidence and leave us in a very vulnerable and defeated state.


If we are able to decide that yes, I need cheerleaders but they may not look like how I think that they should look and they may not come from where I think they should come from, we’ll have a lot of a better chance in gaining more cheerleaders.



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