Fearing That You Are Not Enough?

It is so easy to compare yourself with the world around you. The person to your left seems to have everything going right in their lives. The person to the right has loads of cash that you need and wish you had. The person in front of you seems to get accepted into places that you have only dreamed of going. And even the person behind you has more going on than what you do.

This can stress you out to the point where you really think that you don’t have what it takes to achieve your dreams. Maybe your aiming to high. Maybe what you’re trying to do is impossible and you will eventually fail miserably at trying to accomplish what you set out to do. Many people find themselves in a battle of whether they should lower their expectations so that they won’t have to go through the heart ache of being disappointed. Is that you? Have you at one point set out to do something BIG and got discouraged because you thought that you were not going to be enough to achieve it?

Don’t feel bad because you are not the only one who has tread those waters. You are not the only one who finds themselves doubting what they can achieve.

fear-of-the-unknownOne of the most powerful things that many people go through is wanting to be accepted. The fear of being rejected can be so great at times that it can discount ourselves before we have even given ourselves an opportunity to try. We start to pick out all of the things that are wrong with us and most of those things no one ever knew or noticed. It was our own minds saying that we are not educated enough to be taken seriously. It was in our own minds that said that where we want to go and what we want to accomplish is too big. It was in our own minds where we condem ourselves to living a small life because we are too busy looking at our background, nationality, cultural differences, or present situations to have the courage to dream of going somewhere or doing something BIG.

We deplete our courage by putting everything that is wrong with us at the for front so that we can’t even imagine us in a place that is above and not beneath. We allow our fear to dictate our altitude. We let fear limit us and keep us in the bondage of our own minds and when we do that, we are slowly but surely giving up, we are slowly but surely regretting the life that we never had the courage to live, we are slowly but surely dying inside until there is nothing left but a hollow existence full of bitterness, regret, and dismay.

When you decide to fear that you are not enough, you are not just in bondage but you are also not walking in your natural habitat. You are also doubting your creators ability to make good products. You are saying that he is not smart enough and not big enough to consistently make masterpieces. When you decided to give into fear you are cursing yourself to live a small life.

Because we were all created in HIS likeness and in his image, we ALL have a part of him. Nothing of GOD is small or insignificant. We all have a part to play in life and YOU have to exercise being courageous in order to do it.

Some of the best things that you can do to help yourself step out into your greatness is:

  • Believe that your creator has your back! GOD has given you a part of him and it was not to be anything less than great. He has equipped you with everything and anything that you need to accomplish your greatness.
  • If what you are thinking or doing is not big and scary looking, then it probably is not what your greatness is. When you think about GOD, can you recall anything that he did small? GOD is in the business of doing EVERYTHING BIG. That is why he gives you HUGE ideas, dreams, and expectations. He does’t do small, so allow yourself to thing, dream, and do BIG!
  • Know that you already have everything you need to accomplish these things inside of you. What ever else you will need will be attracted to you at the right time and place. The only thing that you need to make sure of is that you are at the right place at the right time to receive. Don’t let fear be the reason why you were not where you needed to be to receive what you wanted and needed.

Lacking in life is never your designated portion. It is up to you to take the steps and believe in the impossible so that you can be proactive at creating the life that you want to live.


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