Don’t Let Fear Be Your Legacy

Are you tired of going through life hoping that you get out of certain situation like hoping that you win the lottery so that you can pay off any debt you may have and start living the life you want to live. What about hoping that your business does well or hoping that you can even start a business?  We all have things that intimidate us and that creeps into our minds when we are inching towards the unknown. These thoughts sometimes linger longer than others and they pollute our positive thoughts with the negative wonders of tomorrow.


The problem with this is that even the smallest negative thought grows and interrupts our positive life encounters. It then invades our minds with mystified thoughts that have never been established because they haven’t even happened. We harp on what could happen instead of what has happened.


There are too many people that we can learn from that decided to travel the road less traveled but instead we are stuck in the dimensions of our own mind and our own understanding. There is a reason why the word of GOD says to lean not on your own understanding.


Our understanding is limited with our own life events. If we wanted to travel outside of our comfort zone, all we could rely on is what has already occurred in our own lives. If running a business, having a productive excellent nucleus family, having an elite lifestyle, or living life as if it were a dream is not already a part of your life events, then you can’t begin to fully and clearly understand all of the possibilities. You are limited to your own experiences and instead of expanding your reach you have stayed in familiar territories.


Even in knowing this, many still try and utilize fear as the core tactic used to prevent the  attempt towards the unknown. We allow our minds to dictate our beginnings and our ends. We leave little room for possibilities. We go day after day inside of our comfortable little familiar ways, understandings, and expectations instead of challenging ourselves to live a life of another man or woman.


I have an obligation to WARN YOU, that in doing this you are not living, you are dying. Once you have died inside, all that needs to happen is for your empty carcass to die as well. Have you ever asked yourself if you never have the courage, never have the might, never build up enough momentum to do what you were called to do, what your legacy would be? Your legacy would be FEAR! You would have only existed and never really lived and now you have passed down your legacy of fear to your lineage.


How does that make you feel?


What do you think your lineage will be able to acquire, accomplish,  or do with an inheritance of fear?


Do you really want to exist in life with several regrets and too little time to atone them?


Do you really want fear to be your legacy?


Your lineage doesn’t have to suffer and fight for things that you can avoid them from fighting. Your lineage can have whatever you dreamt for them. The one simple step in the right direction to that road is eliminating fear from being your legacy. Many people have to fight harder, suffer longer, and have to pay much more to educate themselves because they didn’t have enough people that were close to them to educate them, to help them, and to guide them. They have to do the same thing that you are doing right now which is playing the hoping game in order for them to win in life.


You can make a choice to stop playing the hoping game and just like there are first generation college graduates, decide to become the first person to protect and pass down a fruitful legacy to your lineage. It will not always be easy and this investment is not for the faint of heart. The one thing you must know is that it is definitely worth it.

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