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My Story, My Motto is NO more involuntary abortions!!!

Sometimes what we don’t listen to manifests into physical form. In my case it did and for many many more years it did and it almost took everything that I had. In 2007 I found myself in a dark and confusing place in my life. I was in the wrong career or should I say job, my kids weren’t growing up in the best of places, I was in the wrong relationship which was very abusive. I wanted an out, I needed a fresh start. My job so happened to start a 3 cycle lay off and was giving people 45-day notices. I wanted to be on the first cycle and it seemed like my opportunity to move to Houston, TX. I immediately bought nonrefundable plane tickets for me and my 2 children.
It was time for me to go and I had told the guy that I was with that I was leaving. I so happened to be pregnant at the time and he wasn’t happy. Not because I was leaving, but because he didn’t want the baby. So he slammed me against the closet and started to strangle me. He threw me on the bed and held me down and pounced on my stomach killing my baby. It all happened so fast and I immediately started crying feeling my baby, my unborn innocent child’s spirit leave my body while I felt helpless and now hopeless.
I tried telling one of my friend’s and she pretty much told me that’s life, suck it up but even though he did what he did, he didn’t deserve to go to jail. Later that night I went to the hospital in hopes that my baby was still alive but the doctor gave me the news that I already knew was true. My baby had no heartbeat. He told me that my baby should flush out of my system in a few days and I should come back to get a D&C. I never made it back because I had to board a plane with my children early the very next day.

Broken and also suffering in silence, I boarded the plane with 3 children one of them being dead in my womb, 3 suitcases, and $1500 hoping to get a fresh start in a state I didn’t know too much about.
 I was able to get a phone, car, and in a couple of months, I had my first apartment. It may seem like I got to a great start but digging deeper I continued to relive the pain of my involuntary abortion. It was now manifesting in involuntary abortions in my career, relationships, business, children, finances, and dreams.

I didn’t talk about what had happened to me for 10 years. It took me years to finally recognize and understand the pattern of what was occurring in my life. I had to go through the process and do the work. Now I have dedicated my life to helping other leaders stop the cycle of having involuntary abortions in their finances, businesses, relationships, careers, and dreams.
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