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Why is Overcoming So Hard?!

Why is Overcoming So Hard?!

Sssshhhhh, we don’t talk about things like that here. Wipe your eyes, fix your face, and keep it pushin! Does that sound familiar? Back in the day, that was many people’s truth. It was the reality that people had to live through and overcome. Having things swept underneath the rug and not talked about only […]

A Letter To The Present And Future Li...

This morning I woke up reflecting on my journey and the journeys of the many entrepreneurs that I know. As I reflected, I saw a common thread that we all shared despite where we were in our journey and what we had to do to get to that point. It was amazing that this was […]

Having An Entrepreneurial Voice In A ...

  There is definitely movement going on in the entrepreneurial world and if your voice is not there than you are missing the movement!   Your entrepreneurial voice is the dance between you, the world, and your passion and if voiced correctly, it will lead you to things that you never thought possible.   The […]

How To Attract More Clients NOW!!!

As an entrepreneur and a business owner, one of the most frustrating things that could ever happen is having a great customer ready business with no clients. Your clients are the bread and butter and butter of your business and when you don’t have enough or the right customers, then your business will starve and […]

Identifying And Knowing Your Biggest ...

It is a fact that whenever you are doing anything big in life, an excellent support system is vital. We want to believe that we can do whatever we set out to do without our fans, our supporters, and our cheerleaders.   But who are we trying to fool?     We all have different reasons […]

3 Steps To Positive Change

3 Steps To Positive Change

Have you ever been in a situation where your present circumstances were not enough, you weren’t completely happy with the direction of your life, and you just wanted a change for the better? Have you ever thought that you had so much more to give to life and life still had so much more to […]