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Your Preferential View

When we are passionate about something, working towards something, and believing in something it is easy to see a lot of the pain, fear, and disappointments that comes with it. It is easy to give in and give up because of what we are currently seeing. It seems like when you weren’t trying to work […]

Don’t Let Fear Be Your Legacy

Are you tired of going through life hoping that you get out of certain situation like hoping that you win the lottery so that you can pay off any debt you may have and start living the life you want to live. What about hoping that your business does well or hoping that you can […]

Fearing That You Are Not Enough?

It is so easy to compare yourself with the world around you. The person to your left seems to have everything going right in their lives. The person to the right has loads of cash that you need and wish you had. The person in front of you seems to get accepted into places that […]

The Silent Killer Called Fear

Many times in life, fear grabs a hold of us like nothing else in our lives. It dresses itself up like it is of great importance and is effective in distracting us, suffocating us, and sometimes eventually devours us with its untruths softly whispering in our ears. Fear keeps us from moving forward to uncharted […]