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Alone doesn’t get you far!!

I used to be a complete hermit. I was used to spending time with my children and myself that I left little room for exploring different options. In my mind, I thought I was doing great!!! Little circles are supposed to be GOOD right?!!! Mine wasn’t even a circle is was more like a line….. […]

Why is Overcoming So Hard?!

Why is Overcoming So Hard?!

Sssshhhhh, we don’t talk about things like that here. Wipe your eyes, fix your face, and keep it pushin! Does that sound familiar? Back in the day, that was many people’s truth. It was the reality that people had to live through and overcome. Having things swept underneath the rug and not talked about only […]

Inside The Entrepreneurial Mindset

The entrepreneurial journey is a journey like no other. In this journey, you will be challenged, ostracized, rejected, and go through a rollercoaster full of different emotions. All of that seems to sound pretty bad right? In reality, all of those things can and if looked at in the right way, will be great for your […]

Why Excellence Doesn’t Come Without A...

Everyone proclaims that they want to be excellent. They want to feel and live a successful life. They want to have money and the power, happiness and respect and if this is you, are you willing to pay the cost? Surely going into to it you may think that is an amazing life full of […]

Find The Passion Behind The Pain

From someone who knows the pain all too well, what I also know is that there is passion behind the pain. There is life behind what you think might have died. The only thing that needs to happen in order for you to discover that is for you to change your perspective.   Your perspective​ […]

A Letter To The Present And Future Li...

This morning I woke up reflecting on my journey and the journeys of the many entrepreneurs that I know. As I reflected, I saw a common thread that we all shared despite where we were in our journey and what we had to do to get to that point. It was amazing that this was […]

7 Things That You Can Do To Prevent Y...

When you first start working from home, you just might think that it is the easiest and most fun thing to do because that’s what everyone else makes it seem like. You may have envisioned yourself just typing away on your key board in your work flow for hours while little James and Samantha is […]

Having An Entrepreneurial Voice In A ...

  There is definitely movement going on in the entrepreneurial world and if your voice is not there than you are missing the movement!   Your entrepreneurial voice is the dance between you, the world, and your passion and if voiced correctly, it will lead you to things that you never thought possible.   The […]

How To Attract More Clients NOW!!!

As an entrepreneur and a business owner, one of the most frustrating things that could ever happen is having a great customer ready business with no clients. Your clients are the bread and butter and butter of your business and when you don’t have enough or the right customers, then your business will starve and […]

Social Media Sucks!!!! But It Doesn&#...

Social media can really suck!!! As a business owner, you may have this love hate relationship with social media. You may absolutely love that it has made the world a little smaller by being able to connect with people that at one point you had no way of reaching. And on the other hand, half of […]