Alone doesn’t get you far!!

I used to be a complete hermit. I was used to spending time with my children and myself that I left little room for exploring different options.

In my mind, I thought I was doing great!!! Little circles are supposed to be GOOD right?!!!

Mine wasn’t even a circle is was more like a line…..

You know the ones I’m talking about or maybe you are them…The person who has that one friend and just a few people in the family they can stand who they aren’t ashamed of or who aren’t totally unvibable (Yes, I just made up that word).

What was the big deal right?!

Then my dreams and my expectation for a bigger and better life came and I had to do things differently!

I actually had to meet new people and NETWORK!!!

I had to build relationships and water and cultivate those relationships!!!

I wasn’t ready!

I had no desire!

I had no KNOW how!

It was AWKWARD!!!

And apparently, I had no time because I was totally booked solid with appointments with myself.

Then Life happened……

As I was going after my dreams, I got stuck! Not only did I get stuck, I got discouraged and I needed to talk about it BUT the people I had in my lopsided circle/line couldn’t help me.

They weren’t actively chasing after their dreams and if they were, I quickly learned that two confused people trying to lead each other only gets you NOWHERE!!

I had no choice but to start connecting. This time I thought of it as connecting with my teammates. If this was a football game and I was a quarterback, I needed my wide receiver. I needed my coach, and a cheerleader here and there didn’t hurt either.

There is no game in life that is won by yourself so why are you trying to play it alone!!!

Get your wide receiver, get your coach, and get your cheerleaders so you can have a touch down faster and easier than if you were to do it alone!!!

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