A Letter To The Present And Future Lifestyle Entrepreneur

This morning I woke up reflecting on my journey and the journeys of the many entrepreneurs that I know. As I reflected, I saw a common thread that we all shared despite where we were in our journey and what we had to do to get to that point. It was amazing that this was such a big issue because as an entrepreneur we are supposed to be all about helping the people of the world while helping our families and ourselves live better lives. But strangely at my amazement, it wasn’t a surprise because I have seen and witnessed how entrepreneurs have been conditioned to do this time and time again.

The unfortunate part is that if we decide not to do better or even at least reevaluate what we are doing, our how reasoning as to why we went into the business of being an entrepreneur in the first place will be in vein. You hear about people saying that they have this amazing planet and people helping mission statement but in all actuality, the things that you get when you purchase some of the people’s products and services are nothing of what you were told it would be. The unfortunate part is that by the time you realize it, you have already spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What I’ve been talking about is all about the “Fluff Zone”. The fluff zone has killed a lot of dreams, tainted a lot of images, and stolen a lot of business from people who work hard to give their customers the real deal. It is unfortunate that people have been fed fluff for so long that the people doing the feeding and the people who are being fed don’t know the difference between fluff and meat and potatoes.

The meat and potatoes that they could be getting could be the difference between a person getting out of debt, being able to take care of a sick child or relative, see a glimmer of hope in a life full of adversity, or just being able to pay their bills on time or at all. But because some people in the entrepreneurial world has decided to feed people fluff more than meat and potatoes and to make things worse, they’ve been winning at it, it has gotten harder and harder to show up in the entrepreneurial swamp that it’s become.

People have become more cautious of buying products and services because they have been sold a dream instead of a reputation. And honestly, this is not just for the sake of the civilians in this, this is also for the sake of the entrepreneurs that come to do business with other entrepreneurs. Stop selling fluff to the people who are supposed to matter the most. Stop tricking people into believing that there is an easy button that they can push to become a millionaires. Be transparent, be honest, and start truly caring about how many people are actually winning that are working with you instead of how many dollars you can make the fastest. Entrepreneurs, you are leaders that people depend on. They trust you to direct and guide them in the right direction and they desire and demand honesty from you.

As for the people that are coming into the entrepreneurial world, be cautious of the battle you are fight. You have to carry a heavy load that is getting heavier and more difficult day after day. Be willing to be transparent, be willing to deliver the meat and potatoes. Be willing to serve reality and honesty instead of tricks and coercions. People are looking for hope, a real way out of possibly a bad situations. So be the hope agent and the problem solver that they need you to be.



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