7 Things That You Can Do To Prevent Yourself From Pulling Out Your Hair As A Work From Home Mom

When you first start working from home, you just might think that it is the easiest and most fun thing to do because that’s what everyone else makes it seem like. You may have envisioned yourself just typing away on your key board in your work flow for hours while little James and Samantha is in the other room eating fruits, veggies, and a prepared by you deli sandwich, playing with toys, and singing their ABC’s and 1 2 3s.

As divine as that may sound, the reality of it all is that working from home looks NOTHING like that. Here are 7 experiences that you just might have to deal with when being a work from home mom.

1. Have Your Boob Ready Every Time You Do A Conference Call
Holding a conference call while trying to keep your baby quite by shoving a boob in their mouth seems to be the going thing. Your baby seems to have a radar that tells her to cry every time that you are getting ready to do an important conference call. Make sure that you are fully charged and ready to feed the little one before she does what she does best, cry.

2. Become a Ninja
Every single time your child sees you, they are going to want you. Matter-a-fact, they don’t even need to see you. As soon as they hear your office door open, they ditch the babysitter and here they come running and crawling to you like they haven’t seen you in months. In order to get around all of this you will need to come out of your bat cave as minimal as possible and yes, become a ninja.

3. Prepare Before You Get On The Phone
You might have all of a sudden experienced the coincidence of how every time you get on the phone your child decides to sing at the top of their lungs “Ole Mac Donald Had A Farm”. Don’t be fooled by their cuteness, they know exactly what they are doing so you need to prepare by going somewhere they can’t hear you or have them take a nap so you can get down to business instead of hearing “The Wheels On The Bus”.

4. Avoid Any Interaction With The Front Door
There is no doubt about it, you will make your pajamas your best friend no matter how ugly or how pretty they are. From the time you start working from home you will see no need to get all dolled up. Unless it is Halloween, going to the door in some wretched pajamas might just scare off whoever is there.

5. Don’t Have A Laptop Meltdown Curtesy Of Your Toddler
For reasons unknown, toddlers seem to love to reenact what you do in your office. They like to sit in your beautiful comfortable chair, then they decide to go for it. Yes, your laptop and instead of hearing the gentle typing that you make, you will hear while your toddler is smiling from ear to ear loud pounding. And please don’t even think that you will be starting off from where you left off. Just gently, YES, gently take your toddler out of your office and reboot your laptop and prepare to have lost everything that you didn’t save. The only solution is to KEEP THE TODDLER AWAY FROM THE LAPTOP!

6. Leave Room For Clothes Shopping
Your refrigerator will become your 2nd new best friend. It will comfort you throughout the day and make you feel better when your children are driving you mad!!! But then you get the result of having the fridge become your lover and now you have to buy new jeans, actually pajamas since you rarely get dressed anyway; the only way you will be able to stop this affair is if you put the buzz killer “Healthy Snacks” inside the fridge instead. If you can’t help yourself, indulge; but just make sure you know that you will be plagued with wearing stretch clothes for LIFE!!!

7. Just Know That Husband’s Are Clueless
Yes, husbands are quite nice to have around for obvious reasons and if you don’t quite know why, google it. The problem is for some strange and irritating reason, they think that because you work from home you have all of this free time to do things for them. NO, NO, NO!! That is not how this work from home mom stuff works. Work from home means just that. WORKING FROM HOME not doing random crap that he decides that you should do because you are at home. Nip it in the bud before it starts or you will be so sorry you didn’t!

Yes being a work from home mom can be an amazing experience but it has also created a lot of bald spots in the process. Now you have been warned so proceed at your own risk!!!

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